Belarus maps








2015 RussianMilitaryFacilitiitesBelarus2

Belarus bases currently being used by Russian military bases (oval) and planned Russian military base 2016




2014 Dialects_of_Belarusian_language

Dialects of Belarusian

2014 belarusiaRussianmap

Russian v. Belarusian as primary language

2009 1280px-Belarusians_in_Belarus_2009

Distribution of ethnic Belarusians by district (2009)

2009 Russians_in_Belarus_2009
Distribution of ethnic Russians by district (2009)

Distribution of ethnic Ukrainians by district (2009)


2009 1280px-Poles_in_Belarus_2009

Distribution of ethnic Poles by district (2009)


900 East_Slavic_Languages_Tree_en

Slavic languages tree


900 Finno-Volgaic 9th century

Slavonic tribes eastern range, 9th century


900 slavic_languages 2014

Slavic language distribution today




Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth at its maximum extent, after the Truce of Deulino in 1619, superimposed on a current political map (Wiki)



1700 Lithuania_in_the_17th_century

Lithuania in the 17th century


1795 1280px-Rzeczpospolita_Rozbiory_3

Partition of Poland and western borderlands of Imperial Russia, late 18th century

1897 Language_nobility_18971918Armisticebrestlitovsk

1923 belarus-1923


1945 563px-Curzon_line_en_sv1945 g