Syria maps

Topo Physical map

Syria physical map


Topo north

Syria topographical map northwest

Population density 1979

Syria population density map 1979


Syria's 14 governorates

Syria’s 14 governorates



Syria ethno-linguistic map



Syria ethno-linguistic distribution map (with Turkomans)


Ethno Alawite Distribution in the Levant

Syria Alawite distribution map


Kurd distribution

Kurdish distribution map


Russian v. Turkish claims re Su-24 flight path

Russian v. Turkish claims re Su-24 flight path


S-300 off Latakia

Russian air defenses before deployment of S-400


S-400 Range 1

S-400 range (Source: Stratfor)


SYR Ceasefires and Besieged Regions FEB 2016_low-01

ISW Cessation of Hostilities map, 2/12/2016


Aleppo battle map

ISW Aleppo battlemap, 8/3/16


ISW RF airstrikes

ISW map of Russian airstrikes in Syria, 7/28 – 8/29/16



N Syria battlemap 8 29 16

ISW battlemap of Northern Syria, 8/31/16





Source: BBC